Bilbao Athletic: Joseba Etxeberria: ‘You cannot blame this team for anything’

Joseba Etxeberria has been upset for not achieving the promotion goal, but at the same time he is proud of the work of all his players throughout the 2020-21 campaign. “Despite being a very good season, we wanted more. We are happy for the Sanse and the Amorebieta. Basque football is in very good health. We have tried, but we have found a team with a lot of skill, which defends very well. It has not been. Burgos is a very solid team with a lot of experience ”, said the Bilbao Athletic coach after losing with the Castilians and saying goodbye to the dream of promotion.

The one from Elgoibar has analyzed the game. “In the first half we were uncomfortable, but in the second we were very good. We have missed getting it right in the last third, the last pass, the last shot. We have tried. The work of the players has been spectacular. We are sad, this group deserved the final prize of the promotion. With the passage of time the evaluation will be more positive. We have seen the growth of many footballers, the future is assured, but today is a sad day for not getting promotion ”, he added.

“It was a shame. We knew the game that awaited us. We had it analyzed and we knew the strength of Burgos. We have missed the last pass and the finish. We have tried in every way and have generated advantageous situations in the last third. You cannot blame the team for anything. This group has a soul. The future is assured, there are very good players, not only in terms of football but also mentally ”, reiterated the‘ Gallo ’.

The manager of the subsidiary believes that this type of experience will come in handy for them. “The team has always gone to more, it has never been satisfied throughout the season. This point of ambition is very important. Ambition has to be maximum. It’s a shame not to be promoted, but the season has been very good. It was a shame to stay at the gates. With the passage of time the analysis of last season and this one will be better. Now we have to turn all this around and recover ”, he said.

Etxeberria also wanted to thank all the players for their effort and commitment throughout the course. “It has been a joy to train this group, we have enjoyed a lot in the day to day and we have accompanied them in this transit. As a coach I am very proud to be able to coach these players, the commitment and effort has been great. Now the consolation is difficult for these footballers but it is necessary to encourage them to continue improving. For them all this has just begun. We will see many of them in the first team, they have a promising future ”, he concluded.