Big cut to Atlético’s salary limit

Atlético de Madrid
is one of the Spanish clubs that has been most economically affected by the pandemic of the Coronavirus. And that issue, obviously, has had an impact on all areas of the club. One of them, of the most important, in the salary limit of the team.

According to data from The league offered by the EFE agency, Spanish professional football clubs exceed their limit on the cost of sports staff by 484 million euros, of which 468 million correspond to teams from First division after the calculation of the revision of the sports staff cost limit after the January transfer period, which has been reduced by 22% among all clubs.

In the case of AthleticThis is a reduction from the 252.7 salary limit that it had in the first round of the competition to the current 217.3. It is one of the most drastic cuts. Of 35.4 million euros. It is the one that most in The league, ahead of Barça, which has seen its salary limit cut by 18.4 million euros.

Let us remember that in the last winter market the exit of Diego Costa, which earned eight million euros net and has arrived Moussa
Dembélé, which obviously has more discreet emoluments. Beyond that, there were some exits of quarry players. But it also has to do with income forecasts and that the Athletic be the one that has had to cut the most is not a good sign in this regard.

From among the clubs The league , just el Real Madrid, Celtic, grenade Y Huesca They see their salary limit increase. In the case of Real Madrid, increases from 468.5 million to 473.3 due to its transfer benefits (20.7 million) and results from previous seasons (32.3 million) that offset the 48.2 million income that the white club has lost due to tickets and passes.

A fact that contrasts with what happened, for example, two seasons ago, in which the amount that could be spent in this section increased in the winter market, by 12 million euros.

All in all, a few months ago, according to the annual study

‘Football Money League’
that the consultant elaborates Deloitte, the mattress club still maintained its privileged position among the most powerful clubs economically. According to this report, the Atlético de Madrid remains in the thirteenth position, after having received 331.8 million euros in income according to the accounts of Deloitte (almost 50 million less than last year), behind the top ten, the Arsenal English (eleventh) and the Borussia
Dortmund German (twelfth).


According to the data provided by the employer, the six clubs most affected in their income from competitions and tickets or season tickets are the Real Madrid (48.2 million), the Barcelona (35.6 million), the Atlético de Madrid (34,4), the Valencia (10.2), the Betis (9.2) and Athletic club (9 million). Among all First Division clubs, the reduction in income from this section is 174 million.

“You have to think that this crisis has affected the big clubs above all, having the stadium closed affects a very important part of their budgets, television for them is a much smaller proportional part than in other clubs, but they are the ones that most quickly they will generate income ”, he added Thebes.

Salary limit for LaLiga clubs (€ million)


Real Madrid 468.5 / 473.3

Barcelona 382.7 / 347.1

Atlético Madrid 252.7 / 217.3

Seville 185.8 / 183.3

Villarreal 145.2 / 142.9

Athletic Club 119.8 / 110.7

Real Sociedad 100.8 / 95.2

Valencia 103.4 / 93.1

Betis 71.3 / 66.2

Celtic 62.5 / 65.1

Granada 56.5 / 56.8

Getafe 52.6 / 52.4

Valladolid 49.3 / 47.2

Osasuna 46.6 / 45.7

Eibar 42.7 / 42

Cadiz 41 / 39.9

Alaves 42 / 39.4

Lift 37.6 / 36.5

Huesca 37 / 37.3

Elche 34.6 / 32.2

TOTAL 2,333 / 2,224.1