Betis signs the longest draw streak in its history

The Real
Betis added this Sunday in Valladolid (1-1) his sixth consecutive draw, a streak he signed for the first time in his history and that has prevented him from having sealed his qualification for the European competitions next season. Throughout LaLiga history, only Burgos in 1978 (nine consecutive draws) and Osasuna in 1986 (eight in a row) signed a longer series of draws than the current one.

The Verdiblancos have six straight draws against Elche (1-1), Atlético (1-1), Valencia (2-2), Athletic (0-0), Real Madrid (0-0) and Valladolid (1-1) – They started three of those games winning – and in these last six days they have added three points less than Villarreal, which has scored nine (3G and 3P) and two less than Real Sociedad, which has added eight (2G 2E 2P) , his most direct rivals in the fight for European places. In these last six games, Celta has added ten points (3G 1E 2P), Granada nine (3G 3P) and Athletic eight (1G 5E), teams that still have remote options to get into the fight for the European places.

Betis also drew (without goals) against Real Madrid

In the six previous days, Real Betis added 15 points, by beating Villarreal (1-2), Getafe (1-0), Cádiz (0-1), Alavés (3-2), losing with Sevilla (1- 0) and beat Levante (2-0), being the 2nd best team in LaLiga in that stretch – now it is 14th in the last six games -, only surpassed by FC Barcelona, ​​which added 16 points. In those six games, Real added 10 points (3G 1E 2P) and Villarreal 7 (2G 1E 3P). In the first six games of the year 2021, Betis added 11 points – fifth best team in that section – as a result of 3 victories (Huesca, Celta and Osasuna), two draws (Sevilla and Real Sociedad) and a single defeat (Barcelona). In those first six games of 2021, Villarreal added 10 points and Real Sociedad only 6.

Real Betis (51 points) have to play in the last four days with Granada (c), Eibar (f), Huesca (c) and Celta (f). Real Sociedad (53 points), meanwhile, have to face Elche (c), Atlético (f), Valladolid (c) and Osasuna (f). Villarreal (52 points), after playing the second leg of the Europa League semifinals against Arsenal this Thursday, then have Celta (c), Valladolid (f), Sevilla FC (c) and Real Madrid (f), the hardest schedule of the three. Real Betis beats Villarreal’s particular average and loses it to Real Sociedad.