Betis runs aground and adds its third draw in a row

Real Betis missed a great opportunity to put land in the middle in the fight for fifth place, as they let themselves be tied twice in a game that turned their face in the first half with two strategic goals and that they could win Also in the final bars, when the goalkeeper Jaume stood out with two great interventions against the recently entered Aitor Ruibal (83 ‘and 87’) that caused the third draw followed by the Verdiblancos. Valencia, who had suffered a lot in the first half, was better in the second and also had options to win the game on the feet of Guedes (63 ‘) and Musa (73’).

Engineer Pellegrini’s slate did wonders for Benito Villamarín and wreaked havoc on Valencia’s rear, in which his goal Jaume and the rest of his teammates – all locked in their area – were surprised by two moves by Fekir masterfully executed , Canales and Joaquín, assistant in both of the extraordinary goals of the French and the Cantabrian in the first half.

Betis soon gained an advantage on the scoreboard, as in the 11th minute came the first play of strategy masterfully executed by the talented Betis trident. Joaquín took a corner from the right short on Canales, he returned the portuense and his tempered center caught him with a volley, behind the penalty spot, the Frenchman Fekir, with a superb hit with the inside of his left leg that surprised Jaume , who could do something else.

The Betic advantage barely lasted eleven minutes, as the Che, also in their first arrival on goal, established the tying goal with an excellent shot by Guedes (22 ‘) from outside the area, from where he managed to hook a ball while it fell to the ground that completely surprised Claudio Bravo, who was also able to do more on that play.

Shortly before the break came another engineering masterpiece. Joaquín forced a foul near the front and the strategy was perfect again. Fekir, instead of rehearsing the direct shot, sent the ball to the penalty spot and from there Joaquín returned it backwards so that Canales could connect an impossible shell for Jaime. It was 2-1 that came three minutes before the break and awarded the best game of the locals in this first half.

The second part started with Álex Moreno as the protagonist: in 49 ‘he sent a great chance to the clouds, when he picked up a rejection from Jaume after a powerful shot by Tello and in 61’ he committed an innocent penalty against Guedes that Soler transformed in 2 -two. As a result of that second draw, Valencia had their best minutes and enjoyed some occasion for 2-3 before Ruibal also had two very clear for the 3-2 that Jaume saved him.

[+] See the summary and the goals of the match:

25 C. Bravo 1 Jaume doménech
22 Emerson two Thierry Correia 9 ‘
2. 3 A. Mandi (30 Y. Musah)
6 V. Ruiz 12 M. Diakhaby
fifteen Alex Moreno 71 ‘ fifteen H. Guillamón
(33 J. Miranda) 14 J. Gayà
twenty-one G. Rodriguez 18 D. Wass
10 S. Channels 19 U. Racic 82 ‘
17 Joaquin 64 ‘ (10 C. Oliva)
(twenty D. Lainez) 8 C. Soler 68 ‘
8 N. Fekir 71 ‘ (24 C. Piccini)
(14 W. Carvalho) 17 D. Cheryshev 68 ‘
eleven C. Tello 82 ‘ (16 Alex White)
(24 A. Ruibal) 9 K. Gameiro 68 ‘
7 Juanmi 64 ‘ (eleven P. Cutrone)
(9 Borja Iglesias) 7 G. Guedes

Goals:(1-0) N. Fekir (12 ‘), (1-1) G. Guedes (22’), (2-1) S. Canales (42 ‘), (2-2) C. Soler (61’ )

Cards:L J. Miranda (74 ‘), D. Lainez (80’), V. Ruiz (84 ‘), D. Wass (92’)L

Referee: Alberola Rojas (C. Castellano-manchego)

Spectators: Behind closed doors at Benito Villamarín

THE BEST The two strategy goals scored by Betis> WORST Correia’s knee injury, which can be serious