Betis extend their excellent run in Cádiz

The Real Betis adds and continues with his extraordinary streak since the beginning of 2021 and in the Ramon de Carranza He scored a new victory thanks to his defensive security and patience to mature the game and give the finishing touch in the final measures, as he has been doing so many times in recent weeks, almost always thanks to the contribution of a talented player from the bench, in this time thanks to a great header from Juanmi in another set piece action.

The clash between Cádiz and Real Betis was very close from the beginning, with clear dominance of the ball by the Betis and counted but dangerous against the locals, because despite the fact that it was the Betis who arrived the most, the clearest chance of the first half was at the feet of Sobrino, who stole the wallet and Víctor Ruiz in minute 44 ‘and forced the reborn Joel Robles to save the 1-0 with a display of reflexes. Before, Guido, Víctor Ruiz and Canales had made some attempts on Ledesma’s frame, but none were excessively dangerous.

The second part was a carbon copy of the first and until Juanmi’s 0-1 in 84 ‘ It was hardly necessary to register a shot by Perea that Joel blocked and another by Guardado that narrowly left. Betis, with the changes introduced by Pellegrini, who completely renewed the offensive trident with Tello, Joaquín and Juanmi and finally with the entry of Rodri by Guarded, he tried to go for the game, because with the tie the people from Cádiz seemed more satisfied, who closed the bands and the roads well towards the goal of Ledesma.

The set piece -12 goals already carried by the Verdiblancos in this guise- was once again providential for the Betis, as a distant lateral foul was bounced by Joaquín in short on Emerson and the temperate center of this was finished off impeccably by Juanmi with a head between a cloud of defenses to make the score go up 0-1.

Those of Pellegrini They have found the formula for victory against their league rivals and under the premise of a clean sheet they know how to wait their moment to sentence the matches thanks to the quality of their bench in the final stages.

[+] See the summary of the match:

1 J. Ledesma 1 Joel
twenty Iza 22 Emerson
3 Fali 79 ‘ 2. 3 A. Mandi
(16 J. Cala) 6 V. Ruiz
4 Marcos Mauro 33 J. Miranda
22 Pacha Espino twenty-one G. Rodriguez
7 Salvi 82 ‘ 18 A. Saved 81 ‘
(25 Jairo) (28 Rodri)
5 Garrido 70 ‘ twenty D. Lainez 60 ‘
(6 Jose Mari) (17 Joaquin)
8 Alex 10 S. Channels
10 A. Perea 82 ‘ 24 A. Ruibal 60 ‘
(14 Ivan Alejo) (7 Juanmi)
18 TO. Negredo 70 ‘ 16 Loren Moron 72 ‘
(12 I. Šaponjić) (eleven C. Tello)
twenty-one Ruben Nephew

Goal:(0-1) Juanmi (84 ‘)

Cards:L D. Lainez (57 ‘), Juanmi (61’), Pacha Espino (80 ‘)L

Referee: Mateu Lahoz (Valencian Committee)

Spectators: Behind closed doors in Nuevo Ramón de Carranza

THE BEST Betis adds another goal to zero with a goal in the final minutes
WORST Cádiz only adds one victory in 14 official matches and gets into trouble