Bergantiños: ‘Making the paripé is a colloquial way of speaking’

Alex Bergantiños, one of the captains of the Sports, spoke on the show ‘The Great Game of COPE’ of the controversial leaked audio in which he was heard to say that the party before the Fuenlabrada next Friday would be a paripé. “It is a private audio of costumes that should not come to light, but the context is that of a staff that feels like nothing. People are outraged at the treatment that has been had with all of us, “he said.

The player explained that “making the paripé. 1-0 and we sit down “is” a colloquial way of talking to colleagues “and said that” I could get whatsapps from captains who said that this day should not have been played. There are people who make decisions and hide behind the acronyms, and we are the only ones who give explanations. I want someone to come out and explain who made the decision to leave the day, with the risks of contagion that could have been. ” And he added that “these are conversations that come from two weeks of indignation from the comrades, and from measures of protest. The League itself considers Elche qualified for the playoff. I understand that everyone has taken it for granted that this could be played. Precisely what the audio transmits is that the club asks us to be here to play ”.

Regarding the Fuenlabrada taking the audio to the Prosecutor’s Office, he indicated that “I have no problem. I will give all the necessary explanations: I do not regret what I said or how I said it. It is a locker room conversation that reflects the helplessness we are in. ”

Finally, he assured about the game on Friday that “we will not have the necessary time to prepare it, there will be people afraid of injury. If the club has told us that we have to compete, we will go out and play as well as possible, within the conditions that this moment has ”.