Bergantiños demands that his arrest be investigated before Dépor-Fuenla

Deportivo’s midfielder Alex
Bergantiños has requested, through a complaint presented this Wednesday at the National Police Station in Lonzas (A Coruña), that his detention before the match between his team and Fuenlabrada, earlier this month, for an alleged crime of corruption between individuals in the field of sport.

“Just a little what is intended is that It is investigated whether or not it was done well. I think I should request that and ask for it, “he told reporters upon leaving the police station.

The Deportivo footballer was arrested on the street by agents on August 5 (two days before the game) and transferred to Lonzas to be interrogated after referring to the encounter as a “paripe“, in an audio that he transferred to his wardrobe mates through WhatsApp and that was leaked.

The controversial audio of Bergantiños

The footballer was arrested two days before the match against Fuenla for having described the match as ‘paripé’

The investigating court that brought that complaint in A Coruña questioned the use of means
public for this case, with the police displacement from Madrid to interrogate Bergantiños a few hours after The league report the facts.

“You begin to see all the facts in perspective, how everything was done with me, how the issue was dealt with, the telephone number (which was confiscated) that I had to go to look for in Madrid. to investigate how things were done and if they can be done like that or not, “insisted the sports captain.

“There are several people who say that things were not done well and I think it is logical that investigate. Who ordered that they be done like this and why they were done, “said the player.

Bergantiños indicated that what “more it hurt“and” motivates “his complaint is that he was the only one who had to go through the police station to testify for the SportsFuenlabrada, a match that had been suspended on July 20 due to cases of coronavirus in the Madrid team.

The Dépor captain demands to know if his detention was in accordance with the law and if “things were done well”

“I have not nothing
hide, I have not done anything wrong and that is why it is surprising that I am stopped to testify, I am made to go through a bad public time and the rest go so slowly, “he said in reference to the investigations that are being followed in sports instances and in ordinary justice.

“Nobody declares, nobody explains the health issue and the possible negligence. That people explain the situation just as I have explained my audio, “said the player, who confessed to feeling” sorry for how it is dirtying all that”.

Deportivo fell on the field of play, but in the offices they continue to fight for permanence.

And he thanks the AFE for their support, whom he reproaches for “making mistakes in many things that they allowed themselves to do on the last day”

“We are always talking players and coaches And that is up to other people to fix it. What hurts me is that there are teammates who don’t know what category they are in, what contract they have, if they can sign on other teams. They are talking about other things and no decisions are made. It’s bad for football and for Dépor, “he said.

Bergantiños thanked the players’ union AFE for taking a position to defend him publicly, but “nothing more”, because, he said, “he was wrong in many things that they allowed themselves to do on the last day and more things that happened during the return to the competition “and that is why he considers that he has” a lot to improve “.