Berenguer knocks Granada down in the extension time

Everything pointed to a tie in San Mamés when he entered the scene Berenguer. The Navarrese, who had jumped onto the field in the 84th minute, hooked a lateral ball and nailed him to the bottom of the visitor’s goal despite Rui Silva’s stretch. The lions were made in this way with three points that they no longer had.

Berenguer, as days before against Levante in the Cup, gave the victory to an Athletic that this time started with a lineup full of substitutes. Marcelino opted for a massive rotation against a Granada with news also his eleven. The lions had the right to get ahead on the scoreboard at the first change. Villalibre was the author of the 1-0.

The Nasrid team, who even with a wrong penalty by Raúl García lost their face to the match, played their tricks until they achieved tie through Jorge Molina twelve minutes from the conclusion. Everything pointed to another 1-1 in San Mamés when Berenguer broke in and broke the equalizer.

The game started with surprises from the moment the line-ups were publicly revealed. Marcelino, with the return of the Cup semifinals still recent, opted to make nine changes with respect to his visit to Levante. Unai Simón and Unai Nuñez were the only repeaters in an eleven with Balenziaga as central and Ibai as right-handed winger.

Diego Martínez, harassed by the casualties, also threw retouching, although in his case there were no more than four footballers. Germán returned to the axis of the rear with Quini as a left-handed winger and Montoro in the center of the field. Fede Vico, for his part, started as a right inside.

The lions had the right to get ahead on the scoreboard at the first change. Sancet connected with Villalibre and he, after a control on the fly, left his pair and beat Rui Silva with a low cross shot. Three minutes and the locals commanded the scoreboard.

The rojiblancos, with a lot of verve and the morale reinforced by their early riser both, forced Granada to go back to avoid greater evils. Nuñez and Lekue were the next rojiblancos to try their luck head to head. The Nasrid team was controlling the situation little by little until forcing the rojiblancos to have to gradually withdraw. Jorge Molina and Puertas, both headed, had their options in front of goal before the break.

The second half started with a change on each side. Yeray entered for Nuñez and Víctor Díaz for Quini. The tonic of the meeting, despite everything, remained. The visitors were looking for an equalizer, but the lions hardly struggled on defense. Diego Martínez then tried Kenedy and Soldado. Marcelino responded by entering De Marcos and Raúl García.

The Navarrese immediately had an unbeatable opportunity to sentence the contest after a penalty committed by Kenedy on Vencedor. Raúl García, who had scored two maximum penalties for Levante, first in the League and later in the Cup semifinal, shot powerfully from the fatal point and Raúl Silva, in a feline intervention, deflected the ball out of its frame.

Granada, with Williams already on the field replacing Villalibre, tied the game with twelve minutes to go after a play by Puertas that Jorge Molina finished.

The visitors, with the point to their credit, fell back lines with the incorporations of Adrián Marín and Etxeki. Marcelino turned to Berenguer and the bet could not go better for the Asturian coach, since the Navarrese scored the winning goal in the extension time with an impressive shot.

1 U. Simon 1 Rui Silva
twenty-one A. Layer two D. Foulquier
3 Nuñez 46 ‘ 22 D. Duarte
(5 Yeray) 6 German
24 M. Balenziaga 17 Quini 46 ‘
fifteen I. Lekue 84 ‘ (16 Victor Diaz)
(12 Alex Berenguer) twenty-one Y. Herrera
7 Ibai Gomez 69 ‘ 19 Montoro 86 ‘
(18 OR. From Marcos) (8 Y. Eteki)
27 Unai Victor 14 Fede Vico 60 ‘
14 Dani garcia (24 Kenedy)
two Black pudding 12 D. Quina 60 ‘
twenty Villalibre 77 ‘ (9 R. Soldier)
(9 I. Williams) 10 Doors 82 ‘
16 O. Sancet 69 ‘ (18 A. Marin)
(22 Raul Garcia) 2. 3 Jorge Molina

Goals:(1-0) Villalibre (3 ‘), (1-1) Jorge Molina (78’), (2-1) Álex Berenguer (91 ‘)

Cards:L Dani García (28 ‘), Y. Herrera (59’), Unai Vencedor (68 ‘)L

Referee: Martínez Munuera (C. Valenciano)

Spectators: Behind closed doors in San Mamés

THE BEST The faith of an Athletic that never gives up
WORST The late awakening of a Granada than expected more

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