Benzema gives clues about his call-up for France

Karim Benzema He is the man of the day in France. His more than possible call for Deschamps for the Eurocup is the news of the day in France and also in Real Madrid who are also waiting to know if Deschamps quotes Benzema.

While all that happens, the Real Madrid forward has given a clue about his call. It has been on his Twitter account where he has put back that he is a player for the French national team, something that he had removed. On the other hand, on Instagram. the profile of the gala team has begun to follow Benzema.

Two clues that make it clear that the return of Benzema France is closer than ever. Since 2016, the forward has not played for the national team again due to the Valbuena sex video scandal in which Benzema could be involved.