Benzema, Casemiro and a ‘mini-season’

The decision of Didier deschamps and the cancellation of the South American World Cup qualifiers allow the French Karim
Benzema and the brazilian Carlos
Casemiro, two of the most decisive players for the Real
Madrid, to have a kind of ‘mini-pre-season’ important to arrive in adequate physical condition to a decisive stretch of the season.

The quarterfinals of the Champions League against Liverpool and the classic against him Barcelona appear on the immediate horizon of the set of Zinedine
Zidane and it seems decisive that Benzema, the main offensive referent of the white box, and Casemiro, the anchor in defensive work and this campaign is also key in attack, arrive fresh and ready.

The French and the Brazilian, for one reason or another, have stayed at home and can work during this week and a half with the rest of the ‘healthy’ who are not in the large Madrid infirmary and get ready to face the next meetings in perfect condition and physically fresh.

Both are from the field players of the R

Madrid that accumulate more games and more minutes. The French has participated in 32 games and has played 2,746 minutes and the Brazilian 33 and 2,805. This one is only surpassed by the Gauls Raphael
Varane (36-3,196) and Ferland
Mendy (33-2,837). The center-back was a starter against Ukraine and the left-handed side did not participate.

This ‘active rest’ is also important for the young Brazilian Rodrygo
Goes, which reappeared this month after a couple of them discharged and the Brazilians Marcelo Y Militao, which have also been low part of the season, and even for Nacho
Fernandez, a fixed in recent times in the absence of Sergio