Ben Simmons, another who skips the NBA sanitary protocol

Between new health protocols and a critical evolution of the pandemic, which continues to grow in the United States, the NBA faced a few days ago another violation of its strict regulations to combat the coronavirus.

Ben simmons, Philadelphia 76ers player, he was trapped in New York with his companions after what a last minute positive from Seth Curry force all Philly players to pass a new covid-19 test before leaving the city after playing against the Brooklyn Nets.

The preventive isolation was fulfilled by the majority of the staff with one exception, that of the 24-year-old guard. The player decided to leave on his own and, according to ‘Yahoo Sports’ journalist Vincent Goodwill, he left for Philadelphia with a private shuttle. “Nah, I get off”, commented the player according to the journalist’s account in the podcast ‘Posted Up’.

When the team’s security service discovered Simmons’ escape, the team forced him to return to New York. to stay with the rest of his companions in preventive quarantine. Surprisingly, the Sixers listed Simmons as injured with knee discomfort in the team’s next two games.

The NBA fined Philly $ 25,000 for not communicating Simmons’ injury well in advance., probably invented after the hectic night he gave those responsible for the group.