Bella, Kolasinac’s wife, arrested at London airport

Last July Mesut Özil and Sead Kolasinacsoccer players ArsenalThey were assaulted in the middle of the street by a gang as they moved in the German midfielder’s car through the streets of London.

Both were attacked by a group that was armed with knives and the bosnian defenseman got out of the vehicle to face them with his own fists.

The robbery was unsuccessful, and the criminals were arrested and sentenced by justice, but the psychological consequences remain on the victims and their families.

Following that fact, Bella, the Kolasinac woman decided to buy an electric gun to protect herself, something that is legal in Germany if you register previously.

The problem is that in Britain it is not, and that has cost Bella a good scare, which she was detained last weekend when she landed at London’s Biggin Hill airport, as reported by ‘The Sun’.

Security officers found the weapon in his luggage and arrested him.. The young woman explained the situation through tears, arguing that she had contacted the corresponding authorities to report.

It was all a misunderstanding. The electric gun was still in its packaging and had no batteriesReported the Kolasinac representative, who explained the misunderstanding.

“Bella was able to demonstrate that she sent emails to flight operators to make sure she could import it.. Unfortunately, she was on the air with her phone turned off when she received an email saying the device was illegal, ”he continued.

It was all a misunderstanding. The electric gun was still in its packaging and had no batteries

“The airline had informed customs officials that it had the surprise before the plane landed. He is obviously very aware of security after what happened to Sead and MesutHe concluded.

Bella was released with precautionary measures, despite importing prohibited weapons He is punished in Britain with six months in prison.