Belgium wonders in amazement why Carrasco did not play against Italy

Yannick Carrasco, footballer of the
Atlético de Madrid
, you will not be able to fulfill your dream of winning the Eurocup. A few days ago, they asked him if he preferred the Champions or the European and he opted for the trophy of nations.

Unfortunately for him, it can’t be. And it could not be in the most frustrating way for the mattress player, who had to watch from the bench how his country fell to Italy in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

The rojiblanco did not have a single minute in a key game. Something really strange after the season that was marked with him Atlético de Madrid. The player started as a starter with his country in the first two games, although it was not as decisive as expected. From there, the turn of Hazard Y From
Bruyne they left him without a place in eleven, as in fact happened to Mertens.

What has attracted attention in Belgium and that is reproached Robert
Martinez, is that he did not give the rojiblanco a minute in a context of need like the one that was experienced against Italy, two goals behind on the scoreboard.


Some have even slipped that perhaps there could be some disagreement. “It seemed a bit strange to me that Carrasco”, Explained the journalist from Radio 1 Peter Vandenbempt. “But at the same time it can be said that in the games of the Eurocup that he did play, it wasn’t him Carrasco of Atlético de Madrid. In addition, it is possible that something has happened that we do not know, “he slipped.

But he has not been the only one, to whom the situation has seemed strange. “I sincerely hoped you would enter Carrasco. You can never prove if that would have made a difference. But it is clear that some players have less credit than others. That is a bit characteristic of every coach. You always have players with whom you work hard, in whom you believe and who gives you more, although no coach will ever want to admit it, “said the analyst. Gert verheyen, former Belgian international, in Villa Sporza.

The national coach himself, Robert
Martinez, was asked about this matter and settled it exhaustively: “It was supposed that Yannick
Carrasco would replace Jeremy
Doku, but he played 90 minutes at the end. That’s why he did not enter Yannick. The fact is that they will enter Dries Mertens, Nacer Chadli (and later on Dennis
Praet) was simply a choice for certain profiles. It had nothing to do with the players themselves.