Belén García feels like a formula pilot again in Imola

Belen Garcia has returned to contest a formula race after a little over a year and a half without doing so. His long-awaited return finally materialized on the historic circuit of Imola, where last weekend the first two races of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine. An especially important event for the Catalan rider, who is in the process of preparing for the W Series, a competition that will be played in full from June.

“Preparing for the W Series by competing has been a great success. In a race they squeeze you much more than in a test and you also learn from other drivers and from the situations that arise “, affirms Belén García, with renewed illusions after her debut. “When you go so long without running, sometimes you even have doubts and you wonder if it’s really worth all this effort. But after having a good race, finishing it and having been fighting everyone, you realize that it is. This is what I like the most in the world ”, he adds.

The pilot, enrolled in the team G4 Racing, came to Imola with the intention of adding kilometers and recovering the ‘feeling’ with the car in the races. The final result – 23rd in the first race and 22nd in the second – was practically the least of it. In fact, Belén was clearly inferior to her opponents, who weeks ago had carried out two days of collective tests. “Surprisingly, the first day of free practice was very positive and I had a very good pace despite not having done any previous tests. The evolution was very promising. In the qualys it was different. We risked too much in choosing the wing and I did not have the same confidence, ”says the pilot.

Two races were held over the weekend. The first, on Saturday afternoon: “I came out very nervous and made a lot of mistakes at the beginning. It really seemed like he was starting over. But in the middle I began to regain sensations and from then on everything went for the better. I was aggressive, I overtook, I fought with the group, and the truth is that it was a very positive end of the race “.

In the second test showed a clear improvement compared to the first and ran at a higher pace: “The start was better and I attacked from the beginning. I was also able to do some overtaking and I was always with the group. I learned a lot and I had an incredible time ”.

On your first calendar appointment, the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine was a support category of the Emilia Romagna F1 Grand Prix. The same formula will be repeated in the second round of the contest, which will take place at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit on May 8 and 9. For the anecdote there is a fact that will hardly be repeated: in Imola, Belén García was the only woman on the grid between the two competitions.