Belén Esteban’s new adventure outside of Telecinco with luxury collaborators

It is increasingly common to see television collaborators looking for new business avenues that increase their income. In ‘Save me’ they have been experimenting for a long time, with Anabel Pantoja’s jewels, a line of business that Belén Esteban subsequently followed.

But the former ‘princess of the people’ has not stopped there and has just released her new star product. Is about ‘Sabores de la Esteban’, their brand of gazpacho and salmorejo that can already be seen in some supermarkets.

I don’t want to leave TV, but you have to think about the future It is the result of many months of work, it has not been a gift“Belén declared a few days ago.

To promote this new business adventure, the ‘Save me’ collaborator is counting on the collaboration of numerous well-known faces, such as Pablo Alborán, Antonio Orozco, Tamara Gorro or Javier Ambrossi, who do not hesitate to post advertising new products on their social networks.

We remember that Belén Esteban has always had a special predilection for the culinary world, as he already demonstrated with his kitchen section in ‘Save me’ during the confinement last spring and in ‘The Last Supper’, the space in which employees competed with each other to see who was the best at the stove.