Belén Esteban’s bawdy joke on her husband, Miguel Marcos, in full direct

Belén Esteban has been this Tuesday on the radio program ‘Go now‘, presented by Dani moreno Y Cristina Bosca, and has surprised loosening up like never before and daring to spend a spicy joke to her husband, Miguel Marcos. A whole ‘momentazo’ that has not taken long to do viral on social media.

With the help of a professional in this field, Cristian San Bernardino, that of Paracuellos has put her husband in a more than compromised situation, who has always been very suspicious when showing details of his private life. Specifically, the ‘Save me’ gathering called Marcos to tell him that they had contacted her to be the image of a brand of condoms with vegetable flavors, after the success you are having with your new business project, ‘Flavors of Esteban‘, His own line of gazpachos and salmorejos.

The spicy joke of Belén Esteban to her husband, Miguel Marcos, in full direct.

When listening to television, her husband was amazed. “But do you see that well? I do not know eh, I do not see this. I do not see it clearly“Answered Marcos, forceful but very surprised at his wife’s proposal.

Although Esteban has continued with the joke to the end, her husband was still without convincing him the idea. It is then that Cristian San Bernardino entered the scene, posing as the representative of the condom brand. In this way, they have continued to insist on the victim of the joke, assuring him that with this collaboration, his popularity would go up a lot.

Miguel Marcos, stupefied with Belén Esteban’s proposal: “I’m surprised that you have it so clear”

Of course, to promote the product, they have told Marcos, they would have to pose both naked. A condition that left Esteban’s husband even more stupefied. “Oh my gosh. Well, I have always stayed on the sidelines, I see it unlikely that I will do something like that. I am surprised that you have it so clear. Has caught me out of place”, He snapped at his wife.

Finally, the team has confessed to Marcos that it was all a joke. “The mother who bore you! I had believed it all”, He exclaimed after learning the truth. “Honey, sorry. Then I’ll compensate you with a ‘big kiss’ when I see you“Said the television, laughing.