Belén Esteban talks about her relationship with the daughter of Jesulín and Campanario

Julia janeiro came of age on April 18th and in just one week all kinds of information about her have come out. Everyone is waiting for his first appearances in the press, although the regulars of social networks have long known his face. In fact, on Instagram it is quite active, especially now, since in just a few days has reached 170 thousand followers.

Until now, the daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique Y Maria Jose Campanario she led a quiet life in Madrid with her boyfriend Brayan Mejia, Real Aranjuez footballer. Very little was known about her and her relationship with her parents and her siblings, Andrea Y Jesus Alejandro. But many took for granted that the relationship of Andrea, the daughter of Belén Esteban, with the rest of her siblings she was not good or was nonexistent.

Julia Janeiro came of age on April 18.

Belén Esteban: “I will always defend Julia and Jesús Alejandro because they are my daughter’s brothers”

However, it has been the own collaborator of ‘Save meWho has spoken for deny that his daughter and Julia Janeiro get on badly. “It is a lie that the sisters have no relationship. What the elders have not achieved… ”, commented that of Paracuellos. In addition, he wanted to leave a very clear message: “I will always defend Julia and Jesús Alejandro because they are my daughter’s brothers”.

Esteban has also defended the daughter of the right-hander and Campanario from those who criticize his look. “The girl is 18 years old, she can go with whatever nails she wants, she can put on whatever clothes she wants. Criticizing that seems embarrassing to me”, Said the Telecinco collaborator. Despite the bad relationship between the tertuliana, María José Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique, it is clear that they maintain the same posture in relation to their children. The three adults are going to protect Andrea, Julia and Jesús Alejandro.