Belén Esteban once again charged Jesulín: ‘Ask yourself a question, why doesn’t he speak?’

On Sunday it premiered ‘Dew. Tell the truth to stay alive‘, The documentary series in which, for the first time in 25 years, Rocio Carrasco tells his story. His testimony has not left anyone indifferent and has had immediate consequences: Mediaset announced this Monday the sudden dismissal of Antonio David Flores. But, in addition, a multitude of well-known personalities, including from the field of politics, have spoken out and, in general, have shown their support for Rocío Jurado.

The first two chapters of this production of La Fábrica de la Tele have also been widely commented on social networks and some have compared the conflict of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores with the case of Belén Esteban and Jesulín de Ubrique. Specifically, there are those who have established parallels in relation to the situation of sons and to the absences for these of a father or a mother, in addition to wondering what would happen if the bullfighter also broke his silence and tell his side of the story.

This Tuesday, Belén Esteban did not hesitate to respond to this type of comment in ‘Save me‘. “Gentlemen, I’m fed up and I’m going to repeat it for the umpteenth time: I hope Jesulín speaks”, The Telecinco collaborator began, with a serious gesture and looking at the camera. “Let him speak of what I have always defended. Do you know what? From the attention to the girl. Jesús Janeiro gives me from day one what he has to give me, not me, his daughter, which is 1,200 euros”, The gathering continued, referring to the money she receives from her ex-husband as a pension for Andrea janeiro.

Belén Esteban, this Tuesday in ‘Save me’.

Belén Esteban: “Neither Jesus nor I have had any problems that Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David have experienced”

Neither Jesus nor I have ever had complaints of abuse, problems with children for things … But what I’m looking forward to, and hopefully I will, is for him to speak. I would applaud him, because he has that laziness … ”, the Paracuellos insisted. “I am not going to say for money because I am consistent and I have sat down many times to talk about my life paying myself,” acknowledged the collaborator. Again, he has questioned the spectators. “Ask yourself a question: why don’t you do it?”, He said, alluding to the silence that the bullfighter has always kept and the distance between him and his daughter.

“I keep sticking to what I’ve said and the evidence is obvious, okay? I have not had any problems that they have lived [Rocío Carrasco y Antonio David] with fourteen complaints and demands. Okay, you are always comparing … I do not change sides but I will not be false. I have given explanations to whom I have had to give them. That I believe Rocío Carrasco, yes, but honestly here the victims are the children who, as always, pay for the things that parents do wrong”, Has sentenced the collaborator of‘ Save me ’.

Belén Esteban, this Tuesday in 'Save me'.
Belén Esteban, this Tuesday in ‘Save me’.