Belén Esteban already has ‘plan B’ if her goodbye to ‘Save me’ is confirmed

Belén Esteban he is still the protagonist these days despite not having opened his mouth. The formerly known as ‘princess of the people’ has not appeared on the set of ‘Save me’ after the tremendous fight he starred in with Jorge Javier Vázquez.

Apparently, the collaborator would have asked those responsible for the program not to coincide with the Catalan presenter, who is absent a couple of days every week due to his other commitments with the chain.

In any case, there are more and more rumors that indicate that Esteban would be determined to leave the program, and it even points out that it already has “plan B” if it decides to take that step.

According to ‘Informalia’, that of Paracuellos is trying to expand its online business and its role of influencer in social networks.

In this way I would achieve the Sufficient income to compensate for the nearly 10,000 euros per month that he receives in the afternoon program of Telecinco.

In parallel The option would be opened to change the program and work one of the two days of the weekend in ‘Viva la vida’, a program directed by his close friend and best man, Raúl Prieto.

Nevertheless, It is not ruled out that, for the umpteenth time, Belén Esteban and Jorge Javier Vázquez sign peace and the collaborator returns in style to ‘Save me’, partly also because of her fear that her still program turn on the fan and air sensitive information about your life which he now keeps under seven keys.