Belasteguin transmits happiness with the Wilson Cupra shovel

Fernando Belasteguin presented in Marbella, within the framework of the European Paddle Championship, the new Wilson Cupra racket that the car brand has developed, the same racket that will be used by the padel crack in four of the World Padel Tour tournaments this year. The shovel, which is a limited edition will cost 280 euros.

The presentation served to live a beautiful story. In 2017, a father with two young children waited for Bela their tournament ended after two in the morning because the kids were big fans of number 1. It got so late that they had to wait until 8.00 to catch the train and go home. Bela He invited them to stay at his hotel and have breakfast together. Thanks to the Cupra event, this family was able to reconnect with Belasteguin. And the older boy cried with emotion. They are the stories that great champions like never forget Bela.

The padel racket Wilson Bela Cupra has had a great reception

“The launch of Wilson Bela CUPRA is a sign of our commitment to the expansion of paddle tennis, the sport that is growing the most in Europe,” he said. Antonino Labate, director of strategy, business development and operations at CUPRA. “CUPRA is the car brand with the greatest presence in the world of paddle tennis, and we are very proud to participate in such an important tournament as the European Championship, which brings together the best national paddle teams. We firmly believe in its international potential and we intend to turn it into an Olympic sport ”, he added.