‘Being a substitute has given me more gasoline’

Isak has been an exemplary substitute. Going out to play from the bench in 25 games, he has managed to become Real’s top scorer, surrendering at the highest level and, far from shouting, assuming with immaculate sportsmanship his role, implicitly related to the competition that has united him to Willian
Joseph. A delight for any coach.

Sheriff has alternated center forward, although Willian
Joseph has ended up playing more than Isak. They have not been compatible throughout the season in the eyes of the coach, since he has never aligned them at the same time. The Swedish international has analyzed the situation in an interview with the medio SVT Sport ’media in his country. “When you feel like you’re hot and maybe you’re still on the bench next time … It’s not optimal for the player,” he says.

Isak He has been out of the starting lineup 55% of the time, more than half, between the League and the Cup, although with 16 goals he has been the Real’s greatest scorer. “It is clear that it ‘stings’, but at the same time it has given me more gasoline,” says the Scandinavian, on vacation in Stockholm.

Do not regret anything

The qualification for Europe was celebrated in a big way by a Isak full in the Metropolitano locker room. He uncorked the champagne and immediately made it clear that he will continue at Real. “I don’t think I ever left with such a nice feeling before” on vacation, says the Nordic. He confesses that in Donostia he is happy. He has a contract until 2024 with a clause of 70 million for everyone except the Borussia
Dortmund, his club of origin, which could pay 30 if he wanted to recover him. An option that does not contemplate the Swedish, as it has reiterated publicly.

Isak he does not regret the movement he signed for Real: “He would have made the same trip 100%,” he says. “I am in a place where I feel good, I play well and I am satisfied.”