Beatriz Montañez, special guest at ‘El Intermedio’ to celebrate 15 years of laSexta

The journalist Beatriz Montanez, who worked with Wyoming through 2011 and that she has been away from the media since 2014, will return this Thursday March 25 to ‘The Intermediate’ c
as a special guest Y coinciding with the 15 years of laSexta.

The writer returns to the news program guided by ‘El Gran Wyoming’ to present his book ‘Niadela’, in which she explains her experience after deciding to live alone in a house in the forest, far from civilization.

Beatriz Montañez and ‘El Gran Wyoming’ in 2011.

Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of laSexta and El Intermedio, whatever one of the most important collaborators at the beginning of the program He will return to the set, coinciding with his former colleagues, including Wyoming.