Beat a Guinness record by swimming 25 hours after passing COVID-19

The technological entrepreneur Pablo Fernández, co-founder and CEO of Clicars, swam for 25 hours straight to break a Guinness record in order to raise funds in the fight against the Coronavirus. He surpassed the record of the Japanese Yuko Matsuzaki, who swam 24 hours uninterrupted in California, in 2019.

Pablo Fernández, who has overcome the illness, had the objective of raising 15,000 euros, of which he has personally donated 5,000, for the Red Cross Plan RESPOND.

Given the circumstances and under the strict supervision of official observers, Pablo faced and overcame the challenge in an upstream pool to meet the current situation of confinement.

Pablo Fernández, Guinness Record swimming 25 hours in a row for charitable purposes in the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19

He had to face a current with a speed around 3 and 3.5 kilometers per hour, which implies swimming more than 75 kilometers away.

“If this pandemic is doing anything, it is testing our level of individual and collective resistance. Beyond achieving the record, I wanted to demonstrate that, if we join forces, together we can overcome this pandemic and that we will emerge stronger and with collective solidarity. So the importance of joining forces around the world, contributing to this fund to alleviate the effects of the pandemic on the most vulnerable groups. We are all supporting as we can and this challenge is a way to contribute another grain of sand to this collective fight against COVID-19, ”says Pablo Fernández in the official statement issued on this initiative.

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