Bavarian ‘great skepticism’ about having public in stadiums

The “Land” of Bavaria, the prosperous federal state of Bayern Munich, sees “with great skepticism” an early return of the public to the stadiums with the resumption of the Bundesliga on September 18.

“I don’t think we can lift more restrictions. Closed-door matches are one thing, but to see stadiums with 25,000 spectators again seems unimaginable to me, ”says the head of the Bavarian government, Markus Söder, to the Sunday newspaper of the popular daily“ Bild ”.

Söder points there to the upturns observed in recent days -with new contagion figures above 900, compared to 300 or 350 new cases that were registered in June-.

Bayern Munich, like all 36 Bundesliga first and second division clubs, await decisions from the political arena and the German Football League (DFL) for the upcoming season.

The DFL has prepared a concept for the gradual return of the public to the stadiums, which includes the prohibition of alcohol consumption and general entry, in addition to limited capacity in the stadiums.

Söder considers that allowing parties with the public would be a “wrong signal” to citizens due to the need to maintain certain restrictions, especially in mass events.

The DFL plan envisages, in addition to the alcohol and stall ban, that the visiting team’s entry quota of 10 percent be temporarily cut to reduce amateur travel.

This plan will soon have to be voted in an assembly with the 36 clubs. Subsequently, it will be analyzed by the federal government and regional powers, which are responsible for implementing the pertinent measures.

The Bundesliga will resume on September 18 while some German restrictions for major events will be in effect at least until October 31, with the possibility that it will be extended.

The government of Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed these days its concern about the high number of new infections, after the situation was stabilized in mid-June.

The Robert Koch Institut (RKI), competent in the matter in Germany, has so far verified 209,893 infections since the beginning of the pandemic, which in the country has caused 9,141 deaths.