Basque football: Javier Landeta raises ‘effective equality’ in football

Javier Landeta He will fight to be elected president of the Basque Football Federation in the Assembly that will take place next Monday. The current president of Leioa and the candidacy ‘Denon Taldea’ presented on Tuesday their project structured based on eleven lines of action, “for the defense and enhancement of Basque football based on teamwork and collaboration between the different estates and modalities ”. In your candidacy, Landeta will be accompanied, among others, by Jon larrea, president of Amorebieta and aspiring to the vice-presidency, and for Carlos Gomez, top leader of Mugarrazpi F.C. de Durango as a candidate for Treasurer.

The candidate announced that one of his inalienable objectives will be to “take firm steps towards effective equality in sport” and increase the visibility of women’s football. To do this, this plan proposes creating the Basque Women’s Football Committee, developing a protocol for pregnancy, maternity and breastfeeding, and addressing the implementation of maternity aid.

Another of its lines of action will be to advance towards the attainment of the official status of Euskal Selekzioa, “always based on consensus and collaboration both with the different competent federative bodies and with the Basque institutions”.

Denon Taldea also announced that it will place the clubs of all modalities at the center of the management. The normalization of the use of Basque, the digital transformation of the Federation and social integration are other challenges.

In addition to Landeta, Larrea Y Gomez, this candidacy is made up Jose
Labrador, Beatriz
Russet, John
Martin, Joseba
Gamboa, Jose
Villar, Lourdes
Zorrozua, John
Street, Richard
Martinez, Beñat
Larrañaga, Mikel
Azkune Y Jose

His rival at the polls will be Koikili Lerxundi.