Baskonia stop CSKA de Shengelia (95-93)

He TD Systems Baskonia stopped short at CSKA of Moscow, 95-93, and avoided the record of consecutive victories in the Euroleague of the current champion, in a great game in which the two teams scored quality baskets, but it was the Vitorians who took the victory in a heart attack final stretch in which Mike james could not take the game to extra time.

The start of the game by the Basques surprised the Russian team who had to row throughout the game and although they equalized the forces in the second half, the Catalans remained calm and scored important baskets at key moments to gain an advantage in the last period.

Pierrià Henry with 27 valuation it was the best of a duel in which Youssoupha Fall at 26, he won the battle at Nikola Milutinov. Similarly, Achille’s fundamental baskets Polonara and Rokas Giedraitis were key, as well as the defense dshengelae Tadas Sedekerskis about Toko Shengelia in some pairings with Mike James He scored 20 points, but ended with a series of 3 made shots of 11 attempts.

He Baskonia started plugged in and faced Darrun’s two consecutive 3s Hilliard with fast and dynamic attacks where Rokas Giedraitis and Youssoupha Fall They were the most active and achieved the first advantages for the Catalans with a 24-10 and a great choral game.

The Russian defensive distractions marked the first act that closed with a 31-19 after the visitors triples who cut a distance that could be even greater, after ten minutes of great offensive basketball by the Baskonians.

The less common men of the Muscovites raised their defensive aggressiveness one more point and the Baskonia He did not have the fluidity of the beginning, in addition to suffering in the defensive rebound. The sensations changed, CSKA came close to four points, but two triples from Rokas Giedraitis and Alec Peters they again gave air to the premises to put the 41-31.

Janis Strelnieks was the most inspired among Dimitris Itoudis’s men, while former Baskonist Toko Shengelia was picking up the rhythm as the minutes passed and began to add from the low post to keep the CSKA in party.

A triple with an additional shot from Mike James and put the finishing touch to a first half with a lot of scoring, 46-45, which closed with a technique to Dusko Ivanovic, after protesting several controversial decisions of the referee trio.

The Russians took command of the game after the restart, but a mate from a decisive Youssoupha Fall and a triple from Luca Vildoza, they cut the five points against and the game entered a give-and-take phase with quality baskets by both sides.

The Argentine guard came to a boil in the final stretch of the third round and marked his great moment with a triple with an additional shot that placed an 11-0 run to take the duel to the last round with a 79-67 score.

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He CSKA took advantage of Youssoupha’s break Fall and recovered the distance in the first bars of the final quarter, where Mike James began to score impossible baskets.

But Baskonia kept the type with five vital points from Achille Polonara that allowed him to enter the final stretch with a 93-89 in favor at 1:49 of regulation time where every bounce was gold.

The end was a heart attack and the free throws sentenced. Vildoza, Strelnieks and Fall they missed a pitch each and with 95-93 Mike James He had 8 seconds to send the game into extra time, but failed to score his shot.

[+] See the summary with the best plays of the game:

95 – TD Systems Baskonia (31 + 15 + 33 + 16): Henry (18), Sedekerskis (8), Giedraitis (17), Polonara (18) and Fall (16) -starting five-, Vildoza (12), Dragic (3), Jekiri (-), Diop (-) and Peters (3).

93 – CSKA Moscow (19 + 26 + 22 + 26): James (20), Hilliard (9), Kurbanov (6), Shengelia (15) and Milutinov (4) -starting five-, Bolomboy (13), Strelnieks ( 11), Voigtmann (3), Khomenko (-), Antonov (7) and Ukhov (5).

Referees: Luigi Lamonica (Italy), Sasafrases Pukl (Slovenia) and Joseph Bissang (France). They eliminated Polonara for five personal fouls (min.40). They called a technical foul against the local coach Dusko Ivanovic (min. 20), the visiting bench (min.25) and the visiting coach (min. 36).

Incidents: match corresponding to the eighteenth round of the basketball Euroleague played without an audience at the Fernando Buesa Arena in Vitoria.