Basketball: women’s wheelchair team prepares for Tokyo

The Spanish women’s wheelchair basketball team, with 16 players called up by Abraham Carrion, concluded his first preparatory concentration for the Games Tokyo Paralympics (Japan) in the Madrid town of Daganzo from Above.

Since December 2019 the women’s national team did not meet to work and face the preparation of the Tokyo Games, the seconds in history in which Spain will participate after the appointment of Barcelona’92.

The sixteen players participating in this concentration, of which twelve will go to Japan, were Gabriela Michell Navarro (Amivel), Uxia Chamorro (Iberconsa Amfiv), María Cruz Ruiz (Servigest Burgos), Almudena Montiel and Virginia Pérez (Amiab Albacete), Cristina Caldera (BSR Puertollano), Judith Núñez (Joventut BCR), María Heras Pastor ( BCR Cem-Hosp. Adaniad Vinaros), Sara Revuelta (Ilunion), Beatriz Zudaire, Isabel de Jesús, Lourdes Ortega and Sonia Ruiz Escribano, Victoria Alonso (UCAM Murcia) and Agurtzane Egiluz and Naiara Rodríguez (Vital Zuzenak Foundation).

Among the sixteen players there was nothing new. All had previously been with the national team on some occasion.

“We were very excited because since December 2019 we could not concentrate and these days have been very important because surely the twelve will come out of this work that will go to Tokio”, Declared to EFE Abraham Carrion, who assured that “it has not been a concentration to use training only physically or on the track.”

“We have also worked off the track, we have had sessions with the nutritionist of the Paralympic Committee, with our sports psychologist, watching videos or assimilating concepts and working under pressure ”, he confessed.

“The objective was to see how much the players were capable of adding within the group, making their teammate better on and off the court or working match situations under pressure. We have transferred the message that you have to shine without turning off the light of the companions. Everything has gone very well, we have drawn quite a few conclusions and now there are weeks of reflection to make an important decision, “he said.

Jose Alberto Alvarez, President of the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF), visited the women’s team during the concentration to show their support and encourage them with the preparation for the Games.

On the last day of the concentration, the coach Abraham Carrion and the delegate Laura Guijarro delivered a ball signed by all the players to the mayor of Daganzo, Manuel Jurado, and Councilor Francisco José Gallegor, as a thank you for your collaboration and support to the Spanish team.

The official list of the 12 players selected for the Games
Paralympics it will be officially released on June 3.