Basketball: Aíto’s Alba Berlin will have two more years of the Euroleague

The executive board of the Euroleague (ECA) has made the decision to ‘reward’ with an invitation for two years to the Alba Berlin, as well as agreeing on the conditions for the inclusion of the Bayern Munich and Asvel
Villeurbanne as long-term licensed clubs.

The meeting also made decisions regarding the playoffs competition due to the pandemic. Thus, a secondary place or places will be designated by the competition organization to relocate the matches of any series of playoffs due to existing restrictions.

After a first rescheduling, if new restrictions apply, the team causing the first rescheduling will lose the match. There will only be a maximum of one suspension per game of playoffs.

In case of simultaneous travel restrictions and unavailability of the minimum of eight players, the team that causes the suspension of the match by not having eight players will lose. If both teams do not have eight players to play, they will both lose the match. In this case and if the rescheduling of the pending matches has been exhausted, the team with the most wins would advance.

In the event a series is tied and rescheduling has been exhausted, the highest ranked regular season team will advance.

Regarding the Final Four, we also tried to foresee all the options.

The next highest ranked regular season team will replace any Final Four qualified team that is unable to play due to travel restrictions and / or unavailability of the minimum number of players.

A maximum of two teams from the Final four.

No transfers can be made after 00:01 on Friday, May 28. After this deadline, if one team is not ready to play, the opposing team will win. If both teams in a semi-final cannot play, both will lose and the winner of the other semi-final will become the champion.

Finally, the Final Four it will be suspended and relocated in the event that more than two qualified teams are not available to play or local regulations prevent the event from being played.