Barreda, hit on the table: Stage victory and new leader

The law of Dakar He says that if one day you lose a lot of time, the next day, with a delayed starting position, you can get it back. It is about not throwing in the towel, not getting discouraged and getting into that game, making as few mistakes as possible. Joan Barreda knows that law very well, that this year, having been able to overcome all the injuries that he dragged in recent years, he wants to finally achieve his long-awaited victory in the motorcycle general of the Dakar. It did not start well this 43rd edition for the Torreblanca, wasting more than 15 minutes opening the track in the first stage with Brabec. Bad news for him, but this situation gave him a golden opportunity this Monday to punch the table and make it clear to everyone that this year his candidacy should be taken into account more than ever. AND ‘Ban Bang’ He fulfilled his mission with an accurate shot that served him to wound all his rivals. The Honda from Castellón signed a perfect stage, with a devastating pace from start to finish that no one could follow, with which he dislodged those who finished stage 1 the day before with a huge smile. Toby Price, winner on Sunday, and Kevin Benavides, second. The Australian and the Argentine sank opening the track a day later, especially at the end of the stage, who ended up in a group, the Argentine losing almost 29 minutes and the Australian 31.

Joan Barreda could not fail. For this, in the chamber of his revolver he had all the necessary bullets. One was ambition, the other his natural speed. Security, faith, navigation and leadership filled the chamber of his weapon, and the Spaniard, on the back of his Honda, did not disappoint with his tremendous talent, scoring even 3’55 ”for his partner. Brabec, with which the day before did not find the course. This time, no doubts coming from behind in a very complex stage in which many suffered with the 4 kilometers of soft dunes that they encountered along the way. Among them, a Toby Price that he got stranded in one of them on up to 4 occasions, being able to resume his march with more time lost.

Joan Barreda

The special was round for the Spanish, who in addition to seeing shipwrecked Kevin Benavides and Toby Price with great loss of minutes, he put more than 6 minutes to Quintanilla, 11’54 ”to Branch, 23 ’to Sunderland, and also, saw as the third of the general and one of the great favorites to win, Matthias walner, said goodbye to the triumph of Dakar at the first change due to a mechanical problem in the first section that made him lose more than two hours.

Now, Joan Barreda, In that Dakar game of winning one day and wasting time opening the track to the other, he now has the ball on his roof for a stage 3 in which he must minimize his loss by going first to the special, of 403 timed kilometers, in the call ‘Empty Quarter’ (dark room), in a day full of sand and rows of dunes. The positive part for the Torreblanca is that there will be points of great speed in which to display their greatest virtue. For this, it will be key to navigate without repeating the error of the first day.

[+] This is how some of the favorite riders lived the second stage:

Santolino pulled Price’s group at the end

Lawrence Santolino he solved well the ballot to start among the first classified in a complex day for navigation, ending the day in the Top-10 of the general motorcycle classification, in tenth position, after finishing the stage in 14th place. Lorenzo lost 20’11 ”compared to Barreda since he had to start from the top position, with few traces, after finishing fifth on the first day. Despite this, the man from Salamanca was able to minimize losses. Reached By Soultrait after the first checkpoint and rolled alongside it, both helping each other in navigation to maximize their result. This helped them to reach Benavides, Sunderland and Price, with whom he finished the group stage, even pulling him along with Sam, showing ambition and self-confidence with the group of favorites.


1. Joan Barreda (Honda) 4h17’56 ”

2. Ricky Brabec (Honda) at 3’55 ”

3. P. Quintanilla (Husqvarna) at 6’02 ”

4. Ross Branch (Yamaha) at 11’54 ”

5. J.I. Cornejo (Honda) at 12’06 ”

6. A. Van Beveren (Yamaha) at 12’42 ”

8. L. Benavides (Huskvarna) at 15’21 ”

10. From Soultrait (Husqvarna) to 17’24 ”

14. L. Santolino (Sherco) at 20’11 ”

15. O. Mena (FN Speed ​​- Rieju) at 21’14 ”

17. Sam Sunderland (KTM) at 23.00 ”

18. Jaume Betriu (FN Speed ​​- KTM) at 23’33 ”

23. Laia Sanz (Gas Gas) at 28’32 ”

24. Kevin Benavides (Honda) at 28’58 ”

26. Joan Pedrero (FN Speed ​​- Rieju) at 30’00 ”

28. Toby Price (KTM) at 32.00 “

29. T. Schareina (FN Speed ​​- KTM) at 33’31 ”


1. Joan Barreda (Honda) 8h15’38 ”

2. Ricky Brabec (Honda) at 6’23 ”

3. Ross Branch (Yamaha) at 6’37 ”

4. P. Quintanilla (Husqvarna) at 7’16 ”

5. From Soultrait (Husqvarna) at 8’25 ”

6. A. Van Beveren (Yamaha) at 8’34

7. L. Benavides (Huskvarna) at 9’07 ”

8. S. Howes (BAS Dakar KTM) at 9’31 ”

9. S. Vitko (Slovnaft Rally) at 10’23 ”

10. L. Santolino (Sherco) at 10’51 ”

11. J.I. Cornejo (Honda) at 12’02 ”

12. Sam Sunderland (KTM) at 12’50 ”

13. Kevin Benavides (Honda) at 15’04 ”

14. O. Mena (FN Speed ​​- Rieju) at 16’13 ”

16. Toby Price (KTM) at 17’39 ”

21. Franco Caimi (Yamaha) at 27’15 ”

22. Joan Pedrero (FN Speed ​​- Rieju) at 30’23 ”

27. T. Schareina (FN Speed ​​- KTM) at 46 ’35’ ’

28. Jaume Betriu (FN Speed ​​- KTM) at 49 ’03’ ’

30. Laia Sanz (Gas Gas) at 56’41 ”(Penalty 3 ‘)