Barn announces its retirement

Esteban Granero He announced on his social networks his retirement from football at the age of 34. The player, among others from Real Madrid, Getafe, Real Sociedad and Espanyol has written a statement on his social networks in which he assures that “nothing is sad until it is over. So everything is ”.

In the statement, Barn He dedicates a few words to his fellow footballers. “How proud to have been one of you! The withdrawal is the death of the footballer. But, to paraphrase Richard Dawkins: All of us are going to die one day, and we are fortunate for it. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. The potential of people who could have been here in our place, but who will never put their boots on in a stadium, outnumber the grains of sand in the Sahara. Certainly these ‘unborn ghosts’ include greater scorers than Messi and more accurate midfielders than Zizou “, writes Granero.

The former player goes on to say that “however, the astonishing reality is that you and I, with all our mediocrity, are here. We are one of the privileged few who won the birth lottery despite all improbability. Should we complain about our inevitable return to that former state from which most have never emerged?

Barn he wanted to have a memory for all those who have accompanied him on his path as a footballer: “For what they accompanied me at some point. To which they did me good, total thanks. But to those of you who helped me and I never found out about it, nor did I ever hear from you, eternal love. To those I did well once, you gave me more than I gave you. To those who did me wrong when I did not deserve it, I do not hold a grudge. To what I did wrong, it is a good day to admit that I regret it ”.

Esteban Granero He started in the Real Madrid quarry from which he left for Getafe to return to the white club. He left the white discipline to go to Queens Park Rangers where he spent two seasons to return to the League, specifically to Real Sociedad and then go to Espanyol. In 2020, he went to Marbella, from Segunda B, which has been his last team.

Barn he won the European Under-19 with the national team and in his record there is a Copa del Rey, a League and a Spanish Super Cup, trophies won with Real Madrid.