Barça and Heurtel advance in the negotiations for the Frenchman’s departure

Thomas heurtel I could have the days counted in the FC Barcelona. The conflict between the Barça club and the French base since December 23 seems on the way to solution after both parties have approached positions in recent days and everything suggests that before the end of January an agreement will be reached for the termination of the contract that unites them.

Heurtel was team section upon discovering Barça who was maneuvering behind his back to sign for Real Madrid. Both parties had finalized a contract termination agreement, whereby the Frenchman ceased to belong to the team, collecting compensation of around 1.2 million euros, but everything was blown up on December 23 in Istanbul an hour earlier of the signature when Barça found out that the plans that Heurtel had transferred to sign for the Fenerbahçe were not true and that what the player had already agreed to was his signing by the eternal rival, the Real Madrid. Heurtel himself had asked to be able to travel to Turkey despite the fact that he was out of the call for the Euroleague match against Anadolu Efes in order to be able to finish closing his pass to ‘Fener’, something that was finally shown to be no more than a diversionary maneuver. The outrage at this discovery led Barça, in an act of difficult justification, to leave the Frenchman out of the flight back to Barcelona.

Barça maintained the economic offer in its contract termination proposal but included the condition that Heurtel could not sign for any other Spanish team for the remainder of the season. The French refused to accept this clause and the January 6th, deadline for a player to sign for a team of Euroleague if that same season he has been in another club of the highest continental competition. Heurtel told Barça that if they didn’t let him leave unconditionally, he would stay at the Barça club until the end of the season, even if it was without playing.

During all this time Heurtel has been away from the discipline of the first team. At first the possibility of training with the Barça B but the club did not see that option favorably either and what it did was make available to the French personal trainer and the facilities of the entity to work alone.

The situation is not good for Heurtel nor for Barça. The player risks entering the market next summer at the age of 32, after two almost blank seasons (the first due to a serious injury) and without having trained in a high-level group in the last half year, which will also reduce his options to participate with the French team in the Olympic Games. He Barça, for his part, he has to pay him in full for his high contract until June and until then manage his anomalous fit in the day-to-day operation of the section.

The best option for both parties is to park their emotions and seek an agreed separation, something that is much closer now than just a week ago.