Barbara Rey receives medical discharge after being admitted for covid

The actress and star Barbara Rey, who was infected with coronavirus, is at home after receiving medical discharge this Sunday in Marbella (Malaga), as health sources have confirmed to Efe.

The artist from Totana (Murcia), who remained hospitalized with coronavirus at the Quirón hospital in Marbella, left the health center after 4:30 p.m. this Sunday, as health sources have informed Efe.

Barbara Rey He went to this private Marbella clinic when he presented some symptoms compatible with coronavirus and the confirmation of the positive in covid-19 after performing the PCR test, led to his hospitalization.

The state of health of the actress, who had not yet been vaccinated against the disease and who turned 71 on February 2, has evolved favorably and At the moment he is stable so he has been able to go home.

Despite the mobility restrictions, the one from Totana had traveled to Marbella to spend a few days off in this city on the Costa del Sol, where for years she has spent many seasons; aspect that has not gone unnoticed on social networks.

From the environment of the actress it is unknown how she was able to contract the disease, according to different media have published, since since the beginning of the pandemic she has remained most of the time in the house that the Murcian has in her city native.