Baptista: ‘Atalanta’s level is no surprise’

Former player of Real Madrid, Arsenal or Malaga among others, Julio Baptista, advised whites during an interview in Tuttomercatoweb on the potential of Atalanta.

“I really like the daring and brave proposal of the team of Gasperini. The Nerazzurri play football dedicated to attack and showmanship, often managing to score many goals against their rivals. They never skimp on the pitch ”, explained the Brazilian.

In addition, he also pointed out that “it is no longer a surprise” that the team is where it is. “He comes from three excellent seasons and the 2019-2020 Champions League quarter-finals with him PSGLet’s not forget it ”.

Though Baptista, now in the organization chart of Ronaldo At Valladolid as coach of the youth team, he pointed out that “Real is still Real, despite difficulties and absences. We know well how whites are always fearsome, especially when it comes to their competition par excellence and double confrontation. I think there is a lot of balance, “he added.