Bahrain F1 GP: Verstappen intimidates Mercedes; Sainz 8º and Alonso begins the adaptation

They were the first free of the season, true. It is a Friday and during FP1, the track conditions, due to the heat of the sun and the sand on the asphalt, were not the most representative. Totally true. But one thing seems clear: Verstappen Y Red bull they go for all and they want war. Those of Milton keynes, with the Dutch in the lead, they started the 2021 course wanting to punch the starting table and send a strong message of strength to the champion team, Mercedes. Verstappen, after intimidating with the good preseason tests he did with his new RB16B, led the first session of the Bahrain GP Formula 1 2021 ahead of Mercedes de Bottas (at 0 ”503), the surprising Mclaren of Lando norris (at 0 ”503) and a Hamilton who continued not to feel completely comfortable with his‘ black arrow ’, remaining just over half a second behind the Dutch in fourth place.

There is a long weekend left, things can change, but Mercedes, who seemed to have balance problems in the tests, continues to see how Red bullWith a very stable car and with more power due to the progress of his Honda engine, he could be the favorite in this first race. However, avoid jumping to conclusions. The times seen in the morning of this Friday are still very far from those of the tests. There is a lot of fabric left to cut.

There is time and surely those of Brackley have plenty of cards in your pocket, regardless of what your machine can perfect. But for now, Red bull He demonstrated to go out for all with the clear objective of standing up in this World Cup start to the current dominators of the championship.

McLaren also scares

In the third position, Lando norris confirmed the great feelings he left Mclaren in the tests. With more power due to the introduction of its new engine Mercedes, and a car that has taken a step forward thanks to its enormous innovation in the diffuser, the Briton was placed ahead of Hamilton, warning all the cars in the middle zone that the papaya orange car must be one of the favorites to lead the middle zone.

But if something was very clear, it was that this middle zone will be even tighter than next year and will include more teams in that fight, such as the Alfa Romeo, who managed to get into the tenth position with Giovinazzi. Many ensembles have progressed, especially the aforementioned McLaren, but also a AlphaTauri increasingly similar to Red bull, which is spreading its wings thanks to the improvement of engine power Sling.

Sainz debut with Ferrari in 8th place

In that middle zone he wants to plant a lot of battle Ferrari. After improving their great weaknesses from last year, with a renewed rear end that makes the red car much more stable, and with a revision of the aerodynamics and a new engine that allows them to gain a lot of speed on the straight compared to 2020, the team of Maranello was planted in Bahrain with the aim of beginning to show his strength in the fight for third place in the Constructors’ World Cup. He did it still keeping a lot of potential, but for now, putting Charles Leclerc in fifth position, 0 ”599 behind the leader. Carlos finished in eighth place Sainz on his Grand Prix debut with Ferrari, in his new office, falling just under 4 tenths of a point behind the Monegasque. And it is that he already said it Carlos Sainz to MD on several occasions in recent months, that he will have to give him a few races to continue learning from his SF21 and put it to his liking to reach his best level.

Alonso starts without looking at the chronos

The same happens to Fernando Alonso with his Alpine A521. Only a day and a half of pre-season testing complicates his adaptation to the starting car. For this reason, the Spaniard did not focus on looking at the start times but on collecting data and finding hidden benefits that he did see with the team in the factory simulations. This has only started. At the moment, the Spaniard started timidly, in 16th position. We will see what is the potential of Alpine and the rest of the cars in the second session of the Bahrain GP being held today, a much more representative session in which more and more cards will be revealed. There, the first race simulations should be seen to be able to make the first comparisons on a much more credible track, already under the Bahrain night, where everyone wants to shine.


Final classification of the FP1 of the F1 Bahrain GP 2021