Bad Bunny accused of animal abuse

He is one of the most fashionable reggaeton players on the international scene, but this time it is not news for a new release. The Puerto Rican Bad bunny it is news after in the video of his success ‘Neither good nor bad’ appeared some rabbits painted pink and purple (minute 1:55 of the video) and on social networks animal defenders have criticized him.


In the YouTube video clip, comments such as “subjecting real rabbits to tinctures have no justification” or “poor bunnies, not animal abuse”. And is that dyeing the hair of animals can cause health problems, respiratory, burns and affect their skin. But there are also those who defend Bad Bunny, remember that there are special overtones and believe that he is exaggerating against one of the artists of the moment who is linked to Rosalía after their photos together in Coachella.

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