Ayuso, on the elections: ‘I have been forced to make this decision for the good of Madrid and Spain’

The president of the Madrid’s community, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has dissolved this Wednesday the Regional Assembly to advance the elections

“I have been forced to make this decision for the good of Madrid and Spain, after seeing this morning the institutional instability in Murcia ”, Díaz Ayuso explained in an institutional statement.

The president has argued the electoral advance for Tuesday, May 4th: “If I did not dissolve the courts, Ciudadanos and the PSOE would have presented a motion of censure causing the disaster in Madrid. I cannot allow Madrid to lose its freedom.” validity of the dissolution decree.

Motion of censure in Madrid

The parliamentary groups of the PSOE and More Madrid have registered today a motion of censure against President Díaz Ayuso (PP), after the announcement of the calling of early elections in the region.

It should be remembered that, once the elections are called, it would not be possible to present a motion of censure in the Madrid Assembly, since the decree of dissolution of the regional Chamber is signed and they would not have any validity. Therefore, you have to wait to know which document has been registered before: if the dissolution of the chamber and the publication of the elections in the Community of Madrid or the registration of motions of censure presented by the opposition.

Some experts point out that, if the dissolution decree has not been published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCM) and motions of censure are “in process” beforehand, the Madrid Assembly cannot be dissolved.

Motion of censure in the Region of Murcia

Ayuso’s decision comes after learning that PSOE and Ciudadanos (Cs) have today presented a motion of censure to unseat the PP of the Government of the Murcia Region, which would leave the popular out of the regional executive after 26 years in power.

According to the agreement reached by PSOE and Cs, the leader of the orange formation, Ana Martinez Vidal, she would become the new regional president and a coalition government with the Socialists would be formed.