Autumn gives no truce to Spain: the storm Odette says goodbye and prepares for the ‘cordonazo’, a phenomenon of legend

The week that says goodbye to September to enter October will bring a significant variation in temperatures. After the last blows of the storm Odette, which has left rainfall in the northern part of the peninsula and even the first snowfalls in the Pyrenees, comes another with similar characteristics.

All this from the hand of a meteorological phenomenon called the ‘cordonazo de San Francisco’, which implies abundant rainfall and storms, and which has its origin in an ancient legend that has nothing to do with scientific explanation.

The Cola de Caballo waterfall in Ordesa National Park

However, the first days of the week will be with milder temperatures throughout the peninsula but with a great variation between day and night, being able to reach in some places like the Valencian Community 30 degrees in the sun and around 10 when it hides. It is estimated that this will last until Wednesday, although it can be extended to Thursday.

Some clouds will also be observed in the north of the Canary Islands and in the extreme north of the peninsula, which could leave some rains. Looking ahead to Wednesday, a front will leave rainfall in Galicia and Asturias, anticipating the change of weather in the following days.

Weekend marked by water and cold

Once the period between storms is crossed, the meteorological phenomenon will arrive whose name, the ‘cordonazo’, has a very ancient origin. “According to legend, when the devil or evil thoughts were around San Francisco, he would take the cord of his habit and move it, causing storms, lightning and thunder. It was a way to scare away evil spirits, but logically it has no scientific rigor, “he tells 20 minutes Francisco Martín, meteorologist expert at Meteored and coordinator of the magazine RAM (Revista del Aficionado a la Meteorología).

The reality is that these strong storms and temperature changes occur every year, due to the fact that, with the end of summer, there are storms from higher latitudes, “but this year the ‘cordonazo’ comes at its right time, for that is going to happen around October 4 and above it will be especially remarkable“, says Martín.

This new storm that is approaching, although it has not yet formed, is going to bring rainfall distributed in different areas of the country and it may even be that snowfalls will be repeated in the Pyrenees and specific points of the Cantabrian area. “It is going to be a fairly active and important storm. More typical of early winter than autumn and that it will bring significant gusts of wind that can reach 100 kilometers per hour. It is a full-blown Atlantic storm “, concludes the expert.