Australia, first country not to perform live at Eurovision 2021

When there is less than a month to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Australia has confirmed that it will not be able to perform live in Rotterdam and that, instead, it will use the recording sent to the organization in the previous weeks and contemplated in the bases of this year in the event of the covid-19 pandemic.

“It saddens me not to have the opportunity to perform on the big stage, but at the same time I feel grateful to have been at the festival for two years in a row, and no less than during a pandemic, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said. announced the aspiring of this country, Montaigne, in his profile of Twitter.

The organization of Eurovision 2021 has not yet offered more details about the reasons for not traveling to the physical headquarters of Australia, who performed for the first time as a guest in the 2015 edition and which became a regular competitor from the following year.

The oceanic country thus becomes the first candidate of the 39 in the competition this year to use the alternative of the backup video, also called “backup”, which was recorded by each of the artists in the competition in their own territories. . Each had an hour to record three performances and submit the best pass.

Also the Spanish representative Blas Cantó recorded his at the beginning of April at Estudio 5 in Prado del Rey, with a staging by the artistic director Marvin Dietmann, the same one who will direct the one that the artist will take to the grand finale of Eurovision 2021 next May 22 if there is no setback.

In principle, both he and the rest of the participants will go to the festival headquarters in 2021, the Rotterdam Ahoy, which will celebrate its big week from May 18 to 22, with its two traditional semi-finals and the final to decide who inherits the Netherlands crown after their victory with Duncan Laurence’s theme “Arcade” in 2019.

For the first time in its 65-year history, Eurovision she was forced to cancel her festival in 2020 because of the outbreak of the pandemic