Austin FC flag bearer Matthew McConaughey: ‘We will not be a passing fad’

The Oscar-winning actor Matthew
McConaughey “He has always dreamed of being up to the pitch and helping build a sports team.” Here he is with the debut this weekend, in MLS, of the Austin
FC, a new club of which it is a minority shareholder. The Hollywood star said he is determined to help the club successfully establish a foothold in his hometown by playing the role of the franchise’s “culture minister” during a video conference with the press on Tuesday.

“I’m not interested in the role of ‘mascot,'” said the 51-year-old Texan actor. “I have always studied and enjoyed great teams that have succeeded and lasted, be it the All Blacks in rugby or the New England Patriots in football.”

Founded in 2018, Austin FC will make its home debut on June 19 at its newly constructed 20,500-seat Q2 Stadium. The club has already sold all its subscriptions, that is, 15,500 during the season, and another 15,000 applications that are on the waiting list.

According to McConaughey, that interest reflects a deep-seated passion for soccer in the fastest-growing Texas city in the United States, according to census figures released in March of last year. “Austin was already a soccer city before Austin FC. It is a very diverse, prosperous city. We have 150 people moving here every day. Soccer is the universal sport and we have people from all over the world in our city who have never had the opportunity to have a team to support. It was time”.

“How successful can we be in the first year? We’ll see, but we didn’t build Austin FC in a day and we won’t be a fad. The seed has been planted, we want to be a big and strong oak. Ready for a 100 year war ”.

Blood, sweat and tears before success

McConaughey refuses to compare the successes, the achievement he has already experienced as an actor, with those he hopes to experience in sports. “Let me go through the blood, sweat, and tears first. Let me go through a few seasons, through the defeats, the victories. Ups and downs. And then get to the end and lift a trophy. Then I can tell you how I feel. “