Auronplay and Biyín confirm live that they are no longer a couple

Raúl Álvarez and Sara Bjean, better known as ‘Auronplay’ and ‘Biyín’, have confirmed through a direct with their followers that they are no longer a couple. The two ‘streamers’ have explained that their relationship ended in November of last year, but that their friendship remains intact.

“We have been since November without being a couple, something that nobody knew, and in part it is what we wanted to communicate to the whole world ”, began saying‘ Auronplay ’on the live. “Yes, it was in November. Christmas was coming and we decided not to say anything to the family, “added‘ Biyín ’.

‘Auronplay’ continued: “We say it with this naturalness
because more than being a couple, we are like family for all the years we’ve known each other ”.

“It is a family love, we love each other a lot, but as a family. It’s something we wanted to explain, ”he ended up settling the issue ‘Biyín’ on the live stage.

A news that has revolutionized social networks, especially the followers of both, where they have left hundreds of comments as a result of the end of the relationship of the two ‘streamers’.

The young Galician model and influencer began to enter the world of video games and live shows at the end of November with broadcasts of the popular game ‘Among Us’.