Aurah Ruiz surprises when she shows her son Nyan’s face for the first time

The ‘influencer’ Aurah ruiz He has turned to social networks, where he has more than 592,000 followers, to celebrate the 100th episode for his ‘mtmad’ channel, in which he has been publishing new episodes every Thursday for two and a half years. For this special occasion, the Canarian has shown her son’s face for the first time Nyan, fruit of his relationship with the footballer Jesé Rodriguez.

“Thanks to all those people who have followed me during these two and a half years. Thank you for loving me from a distance. They have given me life and I will always be grateful for the support they have given me ”, she transmitted.

On the other hand, Aurah he insisted that “Nyan it is a fundamental pillar in my life ”. “It’s the reason why I put all this on and went back to TV. Many people tell me that now I laugh but well that I have cried to ask and to give pity “, he added.

“I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but life is not just pain and suffering. Life is about being happy, even if you can’t always. Right now I am happy even though I have had a very bad time ”, declared the Canary Islands.