Aurah Ruiz suffers poisoning on her worst Three Kings Day

He Kings Day it ended in the worst way for Aurah ruiz: with vomiting and intestinal decomposition. The Mediaset ‘reality’ contestant spent the day sharing with her followers how happy she was to celebrate this Christmas with her son’s father, Jesé, with whom, after a long war, she has finally reconciled.

Expensive gifts, extravagant ‘looks’, images of grandma playing with her grandson. Everything seemed perfect until the last ‘Insta stories’ by Aurah in which she revealed that she had suffered a food poisoning.

“Between vomiting and shitting. Literal”

The former contestant of ‘La Casa Fuerte 2’ appeared lying with my eyes closed and with a bad face. “My day of kings between vomiting and shit. Literal. Maximum intoxication, I never eat out of the house again ”, Aurah lamented with many emoticons of sad faces.

‘Insta stories’ by Aurah Ruiz.

Some kings of luxury

Aurah spared no expense when choosing a gift for Jesé. The canary published a video in which he saw what the Kings had brought him: two glasses covered with jewels with a value of 850 euros each.

“The kings were very hard”Jesé wrote wearing his gift valued at 1,700 euros. Hopefully afterwards he took good care of Aurah with her poisoning.

Jesé's 'Insta stories'
Jesé’s ‘Insta stories’