Aurah Ruiz responds to criticism and clarifies if Jesé Rodríguez buys her brand clothes

The ‘influencer’ Aurah ruiz has shared a new video on his ‘mtmad’ channel in which he has spoken openly about the new brand clothes he has acquired and has taken the opportunity to clarify if his partner has bought them Jesé Rodríguez.

“This video is to answer all the criticisms. In previous videos I showed some things from my closet and I have seen how some women criticize me on Instagram. I’m going to show some things that have changed, which seems to bother you a lot that they have changed ”, the Canary Islands started.

Aurah He insisted that “even though I have changed my way of dressing a bit, I’m still the same and I still have my old clothes in the closet.” “I am tired of the criticism when I wear something of a brand. Right now I can afford it, I have it and I show it, ”he added.

“Many comments say that because of the couple I have, I can wear a brand name. Really, on the one hand it’s true. Thanks to my partner I can buy some things that I would not have bought myself. Obviously, if my partner can afford to give me something Christian Dior, he gives it to me because I deserve it. I’ll put it on and take a picture of myself. That does not mean that he bought everything for me, “he said.