Aurah Ruiz raises the temperature on Instagram with a photoshoot in underwear

The ‘influencer’ Aurah ruiz It was news yesterday after the video clip of Jesé Rodríguez’s last song came to light ‘Your favorite‘In which she is the main protagonist. That is why now the Canarian has not hesitated to share several snapshots belonging to the recording with her thousands of followers on Instagram.

“Tell that wolf, that no matter how much the moon howls, it is mine,” wrote the well-known television personality next to the images, which have quickly accumulated thousands of ‘I like you’ and numerous comments.

Among the most prominent reactions are that of Makoke Y Fani carbajo, who have not hesitated to publicly surrender to the beauty of Aurah. “That’s right, the moon will always be you,” a user transmitted. “You are impressive,” transmitted another.

On the other hand, some ‘followers’ of Aurah they have criticized its use in excess of ‘photoshop’ to perfect the images. “The photos are super retouched,” said a follower in the comments section of the ‘post’. “You are hardly recognized,” said another.