Aurah Ruiz ‘explodes’: ‘I will not allow anyone to interrupt my calm’

Like every Thursday, the ‘influencer’ Aurah ruiz has shared a new video on his ‘Mtmad’ channel. On this occasion, the young woman has not hesitated to talk about the latest information that has been given about her and has openly shown her anger.

“I am not going to allow anyone to interrupt my calm and my peace at this time,” started the visibly upset Canary. “I am in a good stage of my life. I am very calm and Nyan he is super happy ”.

Aurah He insisted that “I am not going to let anyone come to make noise during my moment of crying out.” “With those words there are many more than I could say or go into details, you know what I mean,” he said.

Since he resumed his love relationship with the footballer Jesé Rodríguez, With whom she has a child in common, the television network has openly confessed that she is living one of the sweetest stages of her life.

The forward of the UD Las Palmas has decided to leave the scandals behind and focus on the well-being of the family that he has formed with Aurah ruiz. Rumors that the two would be engaged have been going strong for weeks.