Aurah Ruiz explains her absence in the networks: ‘I’m very afraid’

The ‘influencer’ Aurah ruiz He has taken to his ‘mtmad’ channel to reveal the reason why he has been so absent from social networks in recent days. The young woman explained that she is very concerned about her son’s health Nyan, fruit of his relationship with the footballer Jesé Rodriguez.

“A boy in his class tested positive for coronavirus Y Nyan He is a person at risk ”, the Canary Islands started, visibly affected by this situation. “At home we do tests every week. I am very afraid of the risk that you take Nyan if it is contagious ”.

Aurah clarified that “my son is fine.” “They have done a PCR with only three years old. From the health center they explained to me all the steps that I had to follow in case any of us had caught the Covid-19”He insisted.

“I thought we would never get this scare, I even get nervous telling it. I have not even been able to go to work because I have been taking care of Nyan”, Sentenced the young woman.

On the other hand, Aurah ruiz He has shared with his more than 596 thousand followers on Instagram a sensual snapshot in which he appears posing in a bikini.

The ‘post’ was not long in sweeping his followers and has already exceeded 21 thousand ‘I like you. “Mine”, he just wrote Jesé Rodriguez in the comments section of the ‘post’.