Audios of Sofía Suescun published planning to sell a false abortion

Since passing through ‘GH Duo’The appearances of Alejandro Albala for the sets of Mediaset they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But this Saturday, the Cantabrian appeared in ‘Viva la vida’ to tell an episode he lived when he was still dating Sofía Suescun.

After the passage of the Pamplona by ‘MyHyV’And her failed engagement with Hugo Paz, the winner of‘GH 16’Tried his luck with Albalá, with whom he had a relationship for almost a year. After that, their paths parted and the attacks between them have been a constant.

As explained by himself Alexander this past Saturday, Sofia Suescun and Kiko Jiménez they would have planned to sell a fake pregnancy when he was in ‘GH VIP 7’. The one from Santander showed live audios in which the Navarrese could be heard talking to Dani Sánchez, who was a friend of the young woman.

Alejandro Albalá showed the audios in question live

In the first audio you hear Sofia Suescun talking about the directions he has given his mother Maite Galdeano in case they asked him on any set about the subject and he had to say that he did not know anything and that sometimes his daughter does not tell him everything as many people believe.

“I don’t swim, because the fucking test says no, you know? What I should have said to the doctor was that I took a pregnancy test and that I was pregnant. I don’t know man, I’m so grated ”, you could hear one of these.

Sofía Suescun and Alejandro Albalá, in ‘GH Dúo’