Aubameyang leaves Twitter because of the Super League

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has deactivated his Twitter account. Why? His reason is clear. The Arsenal striker leaves the social network in protest at what he considers excessive media attention that the failed Super League has awakened, relegating more important issues such as Covid-19 or racism to the background, in particular the condemnation of a policeman for death by George Floyd.

“I didn’t miss you Twitter. So we are not allowed to talk about anything? Only football and Super League? No more Covid ?! Or online abuse or racism … Good. Even sick, I felt better than now. Let me disconnect. See you “, was the last tweet from the Arsenal striker, who last week spent two days in hospital after contracting malaria during his stay in his country to play a game with the Gabon team.

Aubameyang made his decision on Tuesday night, although shortly thereafter he continued writing on his Instagram account to approve of Arsenal’s decision to back down from their position of joining the Super League and also against the condemnation of the police officer who caused the death of George Floyd.

“It has been a very emotional few days, but tonight the only correct decision has been made for the fans and for football,” he wrote after Arsenal’s statement. “And even more important in the case of George Floyd,” he added.