Atlético’s position on the trade Joao Félix-Griezmann

The Atlético de Madrid

is focused 100% on what will happen this coming Saturday at the stadium of Zorrilla. To beat the Real
Valladolid, the mattress team would be proclaimed champion of The league for the 11th time in its history.

That does not mean that the mattress team does not have in mind what the next season could be. And through his mind, right now, with the current situation, the hypothetical barter does not pass that has jumped to the fore between Joao Felix Y Antoine Griezmann

In the Atlético de MadridAs MD has learned, they see very little chance of such a situation right now. The message that comes out from the Metropolitan is that today, such a change cannot take place.

On the one hand, because Joao Felix Former the most expensive signing in the club’s history, for which he paid 127 million euros. Second, because the market value of both is very different, that of the Portuguese is today higher. Not even in the case of including money, the Athletic I would contemplate this situation right now. The Portuguese player is non-transferable for him Athletic at this time. It is a bet for the future, the mattress team considers that what comes next will be the season of its explosion.

But it is that in parallel, the Athletic it is very unlikely to be able to recover Griezmann for many issues. The first is the economic one. The mattress team recalls that in a context such as the current one, of recession due to the crisis of the Coronavirus, an operation like that of the French is very far from his possibilities right now.

The Athletic He already made a huge effort in his day to retain the Frenchman one more season. An effort that jeopardized the viability of the club economically and it is difficult to think that he would repeat the same mistake.

In the mattress club they understand that this type of information comes from Barcelona, in a context of the need to move the tree to see what falls, because it is necessary to make money and the French is one of the great candidates for it. But in this case, in the Athletic its arrival seems complicated.


The aforementioned position is that of the Atlético de Madrid at this time. Which is pretty clear. However, football is changeable, no one misses the great relationship that Diego Simeone has with Antoine Griezmann. It is a relationship that goes beyond sports, which even has family ties through the good relationship of their wives, their daughters, who are of a similar age.

It is not the first time that the club and the coach go in opposite directions in terms of signings, it happened in the case of James Rodriguez. It remains to be seen if, in a position of strength having won the title of The league, the position of the coach could force a situation that right now does not have many signs of being able to be fulfilled.