Atlético’s 1×1 against Athletic

Oblak Powerless

Nothing could do in the goals of Athletic, two heads of Berenguer and Íñigo Martínez unappealable. This time the miracle of the Slovenian did not arrive, to which the Zamora is also complicated.

Trippier Misguided

He suffered in defense for his band and barely lavished himself in attack. He barely connected with Llorente a couple of times in the first half. Before game time he was substituted.

Savic Goalscorer

Providential header of his to establish the momentary tie, although in the end it was useless. Third goal he has scored for Atlético in 198 games. He left some doubt in the first half, but it was more.

Felipe Penalized

He hit a cross from the right just enough for the ball to fall to Berenguer in the 8th minute of the game, and could be more forceful at the start of the play. Like Savic, he improved as the minutes passed.

Lodi Sacrificed

The Brazilian had improved in recent games, but the first part he played in Bilbao was horrible. Outperformed in defense and highly imprecise in attack. He improved in the second half, going higher on the attack, creating danger and being more precise. He was traded in ’74.

Lost saul

It was never found in San Mamés. He lost incomprehensible balls and had no presence in the center of the field. An inside pass to Correa was his most outstanding action. The game ended early, leaving his place for Joao Félix.

Koke Lung

The captain, somewhat imprecise in the first act, grew up in the second. He left everything on the field and was in charge of showing his face when the game ended with the team’s fourth defeat in the championship.

Herrera Demanded

It did not shine like in previous appointments. Athletic pressure made it impossible for him to have time to think, and he could not give the necessary fluidity to start the attacks. Sacrificed at game time to try to redirect the situation.

Ascending Carrasco

Bad first part of the Belgian, with easy missed passes and little verticality. In addition to losing balls, it was difficult for him to defend. He improved in the second half, first on the left and then on the right after Correa’s change.

Llorente Off

He could not exploit his speed in attack due to the lack of space and in the second half he ended up on the right side after the substitution of Trippier. He sacrificed himself, as always, but this time he was not decisive.

Misguided strap

The Argentine had two occasions, one in each part, both with the left. The two threw them out, not being able to continue with the dynamics of the last two days. Tired, the game ended Friday from the stands.


Joao Felix Motivated

The Portuguese came out with enthusiasm, trying to ask for balls to be the protagonist in attack. He put in a couple of interesting balls, although he could not tip the balance. In his first ball, he received a very hard tackle from Vencedor.

Luis Suarez Unassisted

The Uruguayan reappeared when the goal was needed, but did not have a single chance to see the door. Very guarded by the Athletic centrals at all times.

Lemar Displaced

His first minutes were very interesting, entering the center, taking center stage and moving the team. When Simeone put him on the left wing, he was diluted to the point of being inconsequential.

Torreira Muscle

Four minutes after leaving Koke alone in the center of the field, Simeone put the Uruguayan to prop up the spinal cord. Sacrificed in defense, he tried a goal from the center of the field after the Athletic goal.

Beautiful Refill

Cholo wanted to close the left wing and win in the air with his presence, but he didn’t contribute much.